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Best Buy said I have to return the unit myself since I did not buy the extended warranty.Along the way, Apple remains tight-lipped, leaving all of the guesswork to analysts and industry-watchers.Best Buy, Target and eBay want you to splurge for an Apple Watch for Black Friday 2015 or Cyber Monday 2015.They received the item 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive my refund that should have been issued within 3 to 5 business days.

The TV was still in the wrapping with the stickers on it, obviously never used.I will have to file complaints to the State Attorney and the County Consumer Protection office about Best Buy.Costco and Best Buy work with a customer as well as Business out there.I think that is a RIDICULOUS policy, and I was livid when I left the store.February 6th was my last called when they told me apparently FedEx claims it was delivered so they would deny any refund and I should take up the dispute with the finance company (Citi Bank).I have all 3 receipts he changed and took to another best buy they got me all his info.Not only was I given a hassle free return, I was even refunded the cost of the screen protector even though it is not use able again.

Has anyone ordered an open box Apple Watch from Best Buy. the cracks the local store would probably just exchange it for a new one.Best Buy may not carry the Apple Watch when the wrist-worn device launches in April, according to Reuters.

I did not want him to process the refund in my closed bank account.Go home and open your big items if you are giving them as gifts because you might end up with a broken item for Christmas.I would think Best Buy should at least provide the correct contact numbers for their customers.Target will start selling the Apple Watch becoming the second U.S. retailer aside from Apple to carry the devices.On Aug. 7, Best Buy will become the first national retailer to stock the much-hyped watch.Not sure the phone might ship somewhere etc. (5) After several attemps and talked.So hence, they are now legally allowed to STEAL FROM YOU.Article Below for more info.I just called my Canton, GA Best Buy due to hearing on tv and on you.I told them that it was best Buys error however I was told I would have to mail the item in to get my full refund in the manner I paid for it.

Mr and Mrs Sikes- I too tried to return a ARRIS Surfboard gateway that has been opened, but is still entirely packaged otherwise, never even plugged in.

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Best Buy is living in 19th century world, with there 14 day return policy.When I shopped for the item, I told the sales clerk I did not know whether I simply needed an ethernet cord or this adapter. (My husband is working away from home and staying in a motel, and he was having trouble getting on the hotel internet).Either demand for the wearable has hit a wall, or the consumer electronic retailer believes it is.When we opened the box this Sunday, we found that the TV screen was broken.Went to Best Buy on September 21 which was 18 days after i purchased a HP Pavilion Quad-Core on September 3,2015.

I took it back to bestbuy for them only to tell me that there was nothing to bat for hey could do.I then tried to call the TRE (the retail equation- the 3rd party that collected returns data for Best Buy.

We advised this person that their check out girl SELLING the warranties flat out told us the warranty covers EVERYTHING.One month after Apple started selling Apple Watch at its own stores, the company said it will bring the device to Best Buy stores in August.I am getting stressed out due to the fact of the cost of the items returned and the fact that the lens.We have been loyal customers of BesttBuy, and very disappointed at their stupid return policy and now blamed for another scratch.I was told by the salesman that he could not return the game because it might be stolen.

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BuyBackWorld is busy building the best online destination to purchase certified pre.Ordered graphics card and hdmi to dvi cable, both part of the same order.The store manager told my husband she could not take the TV back as it had passed the 3 day store policy for returns.Hate to judge all by this thug manager but that is my return experience and no he was not that good of sales he jacked me for my shitaste.Like my brothers and sister, my self my mom and dad all on the same account.Then I changed my mind and returned it two weeks later (14 days).I have spent countless hours on the phone with best buy, and I was promised this issue would be resolved by now.It is YOUR responsibility to find out the return policy before you purchase from a retailer.

Was flatly refused and told my 5 days for an exchange was expired and Best Buy would do nothing and could offer no assistance.But due to bestbuy processing each battery and the drone separately it now showed a total of 7.

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Hi yes I return a extra madden 17 how long will it take to get my money back.

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